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Dr. Chun-Hung Lin
Research Fellow
Room 802, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
128, Academia Road Sec. 2, Nankang, Taipei 115, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-2785-5696 ext. 8021, 8040
FAX: +886-2-2651-4705
Chun-Hung Lin's Website

Drug Discovery, Chemical Biology, Carbohydrate Synthesis and Glycobiology

Please visit the website (http://idv.sinica.edu.tw/chunhung) for the details. Research in Lin's lab involves multi-disciplinary areas including glycobiology, enzymology, synthetic chemistry and biophysics. Special emphasis is stressed to develop bioorganic and biochemical approaches for investigating the carbohydrate-related enzymes at molecular level, particularly in association with infectious diseases and cancers. Development of enzyme inhibitors has been carried out to study how small molecules interact with proteins and in turns, understand how potent enzyme inhibitors intervene in pathogenesis. Great success has been made to establish practical activity assays with high sensitivity and throughput, paving the way for discovery of the most potent glycosidase inhibitor to date (Ki = 0.46 pM).

1995 - 1997 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
1990 - 1995 Ph.D., Chemistry, Scripps Research Institute.
1986 - 1990 B.S., Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

2007 - present Research Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2014 - 2014 Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology
2014 - 2017,07 Associate Director, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2011 - 2011 Investigator Award of Academia Sinica, Academia Sinica
2010 - 2010 Young Investigator Award, Academia Sinica
2010 - 2010 Young Scholar Award, Tien-De Li Biomedical Foundation
2008 - 2008 The Top Ten Rising Stars in Taiwan, Selected by the Central NEws Agency of Taiwan
2006 - 2006 Excellent Young Scholar Award, The Chemical Society Located at Taipei
2005 - 2005 Mentor Recognition Award, University of California, San Diego
2002 - 2004 Secretary-General, Taiwan Biophysics Society
2002 - 2007,05 Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
1998 - 1998 Heritage Prize and Fellowship, Li's Foundation
1998 - 2002 Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
1993 - 1994 Glaxo Fellowship, Scripps Research Institute

    Publications List
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Development of Activity-Based Probes for Imaging Human alpha-l-Fucosidases in Cells.
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Characterization of Helicobacter pylori α1,2-Fucosyltransferase for Enzymatic Syntehsis of Tumor-Associated Antigens.
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Discovery of Picomolar Slow Tight-Binding Inhibitors of alpha-Fucosidase.
C. F. Chang, C. W. Ho, C. Y. Wu, C. H. Wong and C. H. Lin Chemistry & Biology (2004)

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